Carla Maria Tiburtini

Carla Maria Tiburtini

HR Business Partner for Commercial, Program & Project Management and Communications and Diversity Leader - Avio Aero a GE Aviation Business

Carlamaria Tiburtini is the HR Business Partner for Commercial, Program & Project Management and Communications, but above all she is the Diversity Leader for Avio Aero a GE Aviation Business.
She started as a sales analyst (Lehman Brothers) before transitioning into HR to accumulate a wealth of experience (L’Oréal, UTC), particularly in change management, talent development, training management, industrial relation, and diversity & inclusion.

In Avio Aero, she oversees the coordination, planning and implementation for any kind of D&I activity through the recently founded D&I Council, supported by the Avio Aero Leadership team and an organisational matrix populated with focal-points for each affinity network group at every site location.

Creative and passionate by nature, Carlamaria is convinced that her job has more to do with a “mission” rather than with a job spec. She likes to go beyond the so-called limits and evaluate people for what they can bring to the company despite their physical envelope, sexual orientation, gender, religion, ethnicity etc.
For Avio Aero’s GLBTA Affinity Network, she has put in place several initiatives (beyond the participation to 3 Italian prides); most recently, a specific conference at Politecnico di Milano gave her the chance to illustrate to students the company’s best practice to include GLBT+ employees within the company.

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